Stock related What is the make-up of Samsung C&T´s shareholder structure?

Samsung C&T's ownership structure for the common stock as of December 31, 2021 is as follows;
- Controlling shareholder and related parties 34%, treasury stock 13%
- Domestic institutions 13%, foreigners 15%, domestic individuals and others 25%
For further information, please refer to [IR > Stock Information > Ownership Structure].

Stock related What is the total volume of stock issued by Samsung C&T?

As of December 31, 2021, total number of stocks issued by Samsung C&T is 188,514,506 shares. Of the total volume, 186,887,081 shares are common stocks and 1,627,425 shares are preferred stocks.

Stock related Where can I check Samsung C&T´s stock related information?

Stock related information can be found at [IR > Stock Information > Stock Charts] and [IR > Stock Information > Valuation]and .

Stock related What is the shareholding status for food & beverage and biotechnology subsidiaries?

Samsung C&T wholly owns Samsung Welstory - a food & beverage subsidiary- and approximately 43% of Samsung Biologics share.
Samsung Biologics has Samsung BioEpis(biosimilar drugs R&D company) as a wholly owned subsidiary and holds 50% stake of Archigen Biotech(biopharmaceutical company).

Stock related When is the dividend paid and what is the status of the stock buyback?

Generally, dividends are paid to the shareholders within 1 month after the BOD approves financial statements in the annual general meeting of shareholders, which includes total dividend amount, as stipulated in the relevant regulations to the registered shareholders as of end of December.
At the annual general meeting of shareholders on March 19, 2021, annual financial statements containing the total dividend amount (Common stock KRW 2,300 per share, preferred stock KRW 2,350 per share) was approved.
ㆍPeriod: July 24 2015 ~ October 8 2015
ㆍRepurchased stocks: 2.5 million shares, KRW 409 billion

Stock related What is Samsung C&T´s ticker symbol?

Samsung C&T's common and preferred stock is listed on Korea Stock Exchange(KRX) under the ticker symbol of 028260, 02826K respectively.