Finalcial related When does Samsung C&T close the fiscal year?

Samsung C&T's fiscal year coincides with the calendar year and closes its accounting at the end of December.

Finalcial related Where can I find Samsung C&T´s financial statements and other financial information?

You can download Samsung C&T's condensed financial statements, audit reports and other financial information at 'Financial Information' section of the home page.
Please click the below link.
- [IR > Financial Information > Financial Snapshot]
- [IR > Financial Information > Audited & Non-Audited Financial Statements]

Finalcial related When does Samsung C&T release its quarterly earnings?

Samsung C&T usually makes quarterly earnings announcement at the end of following month of every quarter's end, shortly after the approval of quarterly financial statements by the BOD.
- This means earnings release for the 1Q will be in April, 2Q in July, 3Q in October, 4Q in next year's January.
For the exact date of the quarterly earnings release, please check [IR > IR Events & Earnings Release] about 2 weeks before the estimated time of the date.