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The Trading & Investment Group focuses on trading and organizing: Trading of industrial commodities such as chemicals, steel and natural resources, and organizing projects such as power plant, renewable energy and infrastructure development.

Samsung C&T’s global trading business includes items in diverse fields, namely chemicals and industrial materials such as fertilizer, mining chemicals, methanol and electronic materials, steel products such as hot rolled steel, plate and automotive steel, living industrial materials such as textiles and wood pellets, and natural resources such as coal and copper. Samsung C&T also operates a palm plantation with a high growth potential to serve as the basis for the company’s gradual entry into food trading business.

In project organizing, the Trading & Investment Group strives to create an impressive success story in thermal power plant projects as the company continues to expand the share of power plant business in its portfolio. Furthermore, successful execution of its wind and solar power business in Ontario, Canada will solidify its presence in the promising renewable energy sector in the years to come. With portfolio-driven management under the principle of “select & focus”, the Trading & Investment Group aspires to join the ranks of top 10 global traders by scaling up trading business to be on a par with industry leaders.

  • Wind turbine

    Wind turbine

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  • Samsung General Chemicals Plant
    Chemicals & Industrial Materials

    Methanol, Mining materials, Fertilizers, Paraxylene(PX)

  • Stainless Steel Factory

    Hot-rolled, Cold-rolled, Stainless

  • Offshore oil field production
    Natural Resources

    Coal, Copper, Rare metals

  • Sumatra


    Living Industries

    Textile(raw material/yarn), Food(palm oil), Wood pellets

  • Solar thermal energy

    Solar thermal energy


    Power generation, Renewable energy plants, Marine vessels and Infrastructure