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The Fashion Group has accumulated success stories in the fashion industry with brands in men’s clothing and casual clothing such as GALAXY and BEANPOLE.

The Fashion Group has built on its previous experiences to diversify its business portfolio with accessories, children’s and outdoor clothing lines and expand into women’s clothing with brands including KUHO and LEBEIGE, and fast-fashion (SPA) brand 8seconds. This extensive line of brands has enabled the Fashion Group to successfully cement its leading status in fashion industry in Korea.

The Fashion Group is also devoted to contributing to fashion industry via diverse channels, such as Samsung Fashion Institution that comprises of a group of outstanding experts, and Samsung Design Net (www.samsungdesign.net), the largest fashion-related database in Korea. In addition, Samsung Fashion Design Fund (SFDF) affords many opportunities for aspiring young designers to fulfill their dreams.

By accelerating entry into the global fashion market by developing preeminent brand like Juun.J, it is making its ascent as a global fashion company that not only leads the Korean fashion industry but also aims to promote the brilliance of Korean fashion in the world.

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