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The Resort Group is committed to enriching people’s lives through its various lifestyle-related services such as Everland resort, golf course, landscaping, food and beverage.

Since its foundation in 1963 with the mission of assisting Korea’s national land development, the Resort Group has expanded its business scope to resort and golf course operation, food and beverage, and landscaping. It’s history is full of breakthroughs and innovations, such as opening the first family amusement park as well as the first hybrid indoor and outdoor water park.

Through its Everland Resort and a high-end golf course, both of which have ranked 1st in the Korean Standard Service Quality Index for twenty consecutive years for their world-class facilities and services, the Resort Group offers customers a unique opportunity to relax and spend quality time. In addition, based on expertise and know-how accumulated over the years, the Resort Group’s value chain extends to landscaping projects which create comfortable and pleasant living spaces. Samsung Welstory, which began as the food supply services division of the Resort Group in 1982, was spun off as a separate corporation 2013 as the largest food service company in Korea, and now strives to expand its food and beverage business worldwide.

The Samsung C&T Resort Group hopes to contribute to enriching people’s lives and become a leading global service provider with its commitment to deliver unique and innovative services to customers.

  • Design Happiness,Resort

    Creating space and culture to add vitality of life, we realize a future where everyone lives happily.

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    Resort Resort
  • Everland

    Land of happiness and year-round festivities

  • Golf

    Korea's leading luxury golf club

  • Landscaping

    Trendsetter in Korean landscaping industry

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