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CSR Committee

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The CSR Committee is a committee that was established in September of 2015, to oversee and support the company's activities for Corporate Social Responsibility and the public interest to achieve sustainable management.


The CSR Committee shall comprise more than two directors, more than half of whom shall be independent directors. The chair of the committee will be appointed among committee members by committee resolution, while the appointment or dismissal of any committee member requires a board resolution.

  • Currently, the committee consists of two independent directors, and the chair of the committee is independent director Hyun Soo Lee.
  • In addition, the committee has appointed an advisor in the form of a non-executive committee member for efficient operations and support. The advisor, who is an external expert and a non-executive committee member has been appointed as an advisory role for CSR management activities such as conducting CSR related studies and objectively conveying global trends and stakeholder demands.
CSR Committee members
CSR Committee members
Hyun Soo Lee (Chair) Jea Choul Kwon

The CSR Committee shall hold meetings as often as needed.

If necessary the committee may appoint an external expert as a committee member to perform studies.

  • The convening of meetings, method of resolution, and opinion seeking and all other operation details will be determined by the CSR Committee guidelines.
  • Approve CSR strategies and plan
  • Select and report subject of CSR study, and appoint advisor
  • Report CSR activities result(Issue CSR report, and external evaluation, etc), etc
Committee Activities
  • 2017
    Committee Activities
    Event date Agendas Approved Attendance
    2017. 10. 25 1. Report on activities and improvement plan for corporate-wide CSR program - 2/2
    2. Report on 2017 CSR assessment result -
    2017. 05. 24 1. Report on operation plan for corporate-wide CSR program - 2/2
    2. Report on publication of 2017 CSR report -
  • 2016
    Committee Activities
    Event date Agendas Approved Attendance
    2016. 12. 14 1. Report on development of corporate-wide CSR program/brand - 3/3
    2. Report on bench-marking result of global leaders in CSR management and CSR action plans in 2017 -
    2016. 06. 10 1. Report on publication of Corporate-wide (4 business groups) 2016 CSR report - 3/3
    2. Report on CSR action plan for second half of 2016 -
  • 2015
    Committee Activities
    Event date Agendas Approved Attendance
    2015. 12. 10 1. Report on results on first research project (Our company's current CSR level and future plans) - 3/3
    2. Report on publication plan of the 2016 CSR report -
    2015. 10. 02 1. Measure to elect the committee chair Approved 3/3
    2. Report on CSR action plan -
    3. Measure to select research projects and appoint advisory committee members Approved