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Samsung Everland has evolved into a leader in Korea’s service industry by expanding its business sectors to resorts, food and beverage, etc.
In December 2013, Samsung Everland acquired the Fashion Business Group of Cheil Industries, the leading player in Korea's fashion industry since its foundation in 1954, and changed its name to Cheil Industries with a focus on designing lifestyle.
In September 2015, Cheil Industries merged Samsung C&T, a leading company in both construction and general trading industries, and changed the name to Samsung C&T. With expanded business sectors ranging from construction, trading to fashion and resort, Samsung C&T has set a new vision to become a 'Global Business Partner' and 'Lifestyle Innovator'.
For your reference, former Samsung C&T Corporation was established in 1938, which laid foundation for the rise of Samsung Group and designated by the Korean government as the nation’s “first general trading company” in 1975 to lead the nation's export drive.
Since the merger with Samsung Construction in 1995, former Samsung C&T has been actively engaged in various global businesses through offices in over 50 countries.
For further information, please refer to [OUR BUSINESSES > History].

Samsung C&T consists of 4 business groups which are Engineering & Construction, Trading & Investment, Fashion, Resort, and owns Samsung Welstory (Food & Beverage), Samsung Biologics (CMO) as subsidiaries to secure management stability and sustainable growth of businesses.

 · E  &  C : Building, infra, plant and residential housing businesses

 · T  &  I : General trading of chemical, steel, natural resources and    development/organizing of conventional/renewable power and infrastructure projects

 · Fashion : Owns 32 brand portfolio and specialized fashion research center

 · Resort : Theme park, water park, golf country clubs and landscaping business


For further information, please refer to [OUR BUSINESSES > Business].

Samsung C&T's corporate bonds and commercial paper are rated by Korea's 3 major credit rating agencies - Korea Rating Corporation, NICE Information Service, and Korea Investors Service - and as of December, 2018, Samsung C&T is maintaining AA+ and A1 ratings respectively.
For overseas credit ratings, C&T is maintaining a-1, A- for short-term and long-term credit ratings respectively from R&I as of December, 2017.
For further information on the past credit ratings, please refer to [INVESTOR RELATIONS > Financial > Credit Rating].


The board of directors of Samsung C&T consists of 5 independent directors and 4 internal directors with independent directors being the majority.
There are 7 committees under the board and all committees are chaired by the independent director except for the Executive Committee.
ㆍGovernance Committee, Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Independent Director Recommendation Committee, Compensation Committee, Internal Transaction Committee, CSR Committee
Some of the authorities of the Board are delegated to committees to increase efficiency and to empower committee members who have extensive experience and knowledge in area of expertise to review and resolve concerned issues.
For further information, please refer to [CORPORATE GOVERNANCE > Board of Directors].


Samsung C&T wholly owns Samsung Welstory - a food & beverage subsidiary- and approximately 43% of Samsung Biologics share. 

Samsung Biologics owns Samsung BioEpis(biosimilar drugs R&D company) and Archigen Biotech(biopharmaceutical company) with 50%+1 and 50% stake respectively.

As of December 2018, total number of stocks issued by Samsung C&T is 191,317,483 shares. Of the total volume, 189,690,043 shares are common stocks and 1,627,440 shares are preferred stocks.
※ For your information, the date of Samsung C&T's stock listing after the merger is September 15, 2015.

Samsung C&T's ownership structure for the common stock as of the end of 2018 is as follows;

- Controlling shareholder and related parties 33%, treasury stock 14%

- Domestic institutions 13%, foreigners 14%, domestic individuals and others 26%

For further information, please refer to [INVESTOR RELATIONS > Stock Information > Ownership Structure].

Generally, dividends are paid to the shareholders within 1 month after the BOD approves financial statements in the annual general meeting of shareholders, which includes total dividend amount, as stipulated in the relevant regulations to the registered shareholders as of end of December. 
At the annual general meeting of shareholders on March 22, 2019, annual financial statements containing the total dividend amount(Common stock KRW 2,000 per share, preferred stock KRW 2,050 per share) was approved.
ㆍPeriod: July 24 2015 ~ October 8 2015
ㆍRepurchased stocks: 2.5 million shares, KRW 409 billion


Samsung C&T's common and preferred stock is listed on Korea Stock Exchange(KRX) under the ticker symbol of 028260, 028260K respectively.

You can download Samsung C&T's condensed financial statements, audit reports and other financial information at 'Financial Information' section of the home page.

Please click the below link.

- [INVESTOR RELATIONS > Financial Information > Financial Snapshot]

- [INVESTOR RELATIONS > Financial Information > Audited Financial Statements]

Samsung C&T usually makes quarterly earnings announcement at the end of following month of every quarter's end, shortly after the approval of quarterly financial statements by the BOD.
- This means earnings release for the 1Q will be in April, 2Q in July, 3Q in October, 4Q in next year's January.
For the exact date of the quarterly earnings release, please check  [INVESTOR RELATIONS > IR Events ] about 1 week before the estimated time of the date.

Samsung C&T's fiscal year coincides with the calendar year and closes its accounting at the end of December.

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