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Why is CSR important? Our Thoughts & Perspectives

Samsung C&T strives to demonstrate its dedication to CSR management to its stakeholders.

Understanding the various roles and responsibilities that society demands of a company is crucial to achieving sustainable growth. Furthermore, providing new products and services that solve pressing social issues is another way in which a company contributes to society.

Samsung C&T will continue to actively communicate with its stakeholders regarding various risks including rapidly-changing business environments and unbalanced societal development, such as slow growth and recessions, respectively. Through such measures, we wish to fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen by identifying our unique business role and participating in solving social problems.

CSR 경영 삼성물산 사회 경제 환경 CSR 경영 삼성물산 사회 경제 환경

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your unwavering support and encouragement for the Samsung C&T.

The Samsung C&T established the CSR committee under the Board of Directors and formulated CSR improvement strategies to practice them in all business areas, thereby strengthening communication with various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, partners, and employees, and fulfilling the social responsibilities of the company.

As part of such efforts, the Samsung C&T published the CSR report to strengthen communication with stakeholders and developed and operated a social contribution program that reflects the characteristics of various businesses. It also conducted education and campaigns to raise the CSR awareness of employees continuously. Due to these results, the Samsung C&T has been selected as one of the top companies in the composite company category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, which are the global CSR assessment, in 2017 as a recognition of this performance.

Instead of being satisfied with its current status, in January 2018 the Samsung C&T re-established the longand mid-term CSR strategy to achieve our CSR vision of achieving sustainable development through corporate social responsibility. We are committed to accomplishing the following missions by 2020:

First, the Samsung C&T will respond preemptively to the issue of global climate change. We will implement a reduction plan according to the characteristics of each business area, so that the long- and mid-term goals established to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved, while also increasing the proportion of production and purchase of eco-friendly products.

Second, we will strengthen social responsibility throughout the entire business process. We will improve a CSR monitoring system not only in the business workplaces operated by the Samsung C&T but also at our partners, and address the problems discovered through inspection.

Finally, we will initiate activities to create values together with society. We will develop projects for creating shared value that pursue both the resolutions of social issues and the creation of economic value. We will continuously expand cooperation and communication with society by promoting social contribution activities across our four business groups.

To all of our stakeholders, I ask for your continuing support and interest in the CSR management of the Samsung C&T.

CSR Committee Chairman, Hyun Soo Lee 이현수
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How to do CSR: Our Vision and Strategic Tasks

Samsung C&T wants to forge a path toward sustainable growth through corporate social responsibility.

Samsung C&T will make progress towards genuine CSR management, by “achieving sustainable development with CSR” as our vision, and setting “Will of Tomorrow Happiness (WiTH) as our slogan.

  • VISION Achieve sustainable development through corporate social responsibility
  • Slogan
    with will of tomorrow Happiness

    WiTH(Will of Tomorrow Happiness)

    Based on strong and consistent will to make a better and happier future, we will pull together 4 groups’ capabilities to create new synergy, thereby leading future CSR that contributes to sustainable society, environment and communities.

Samsung C&T will continuously fulfill its commitments by 2020 to change itself as a company that creates social/environmental value.

For a start, Samsung C&T will proactively respond to global climate change. As part of the effort, we will reduce GHG emissions per sales by 20% from the 2017 levels and keep expanding the share of eco-friendly products in our portfolio.

Also, Samsung C&T will strengthen its corporate social responsibility in the entire businesses. To that end, we will set up a process to evaluate/monitor CSR risks of our partner companies as well as operation sites.

In addition, Samsung C&T will carry out activities to generate value along with society. We will promote “Creating Shared Value (CSV)” project that aims to address social issues and create economic value; and develop/operate various social contribution programs that can engage all employees of the company.

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