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Samsung C&T at a Glance

Samsung C&T Corporation was founded in 1938 as a parent company of Samsung Group. In 1975, Samsung C&T was designated as the first general trading company by the Korean government to lead overseas sales operations. After the merger with Samsung Construction in December 1995, Samsung C&T has engaged in global business with offices in around 50 countries.

Samsung Everland, established in 1963 with a mission for land development, has been leading the service industry in Korea by expanding its business scope to resort, food and beverage, and construction. In December 2013, Samsung Everland acquired Cheil Industries Fashion Group, a prominent industry player founded in 1954. It has changed its company name to Cheil Industries following the merger, and has focused on projects related to lifestyle design.

The merger of Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries in September 2015 will combine their reputation as leaders in respective industries. Following the merger, Samsung C&T aims to become a global business partner and lifestyle innovator in fashion, food, housing, leisure and bio businesses with its Engineering & Construction, Trading & Investment, Fashion and Resort Groups.

Engineering & Construction
Chi Hun Choi President & CEO
Trading & Investment
Shin Kim President & CEO
Ju Hwa Yoon President & CEO
Bong Yung Kim President & CEO
Total Assets
KRW Trillion(as of 2014)
KRW Trillion(as of 2014)
Net Profit
KRW Billion(as of 2014)
Number of Employees
12,967(as of 2014)

※ This information only applies to Cheil Industries before accounting system integration following the merger.(except number of employees)

Engineering & Construction Group

Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group has proven expertise for engineering, procurement, and construction for 38 years. The Group is committed to becoming a top construction company with constant pursuit of growth and excellence.

With the world’s most advanced technological expertise and experience in architecture, civil engineering, plant, and housing development, Engineering & Construction Group of Samsung C&T is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible added value.

In skyscraper construction, it has erected two of the world’s most famous skyscrapers--Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Engineering & Construction Group has also solidified its leading status in housing development with its apartment brand Raemian by winning the best prize in the apartment category in the 2015 National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for 18 consecutive years.

But instead of resting on its laurels, Engineering & Construction Group strives to diversify its business scope by developing technological and software capabilities while continuing to ensure customer satisfaction and quality control as its top priority. Engineering & Construction Group also seeks to strengthen competitive edge by process and system innovation to become one of the top construction companies in the world.

Trading & Investment Group

Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group focuses on trading and organizing: Trading of industrial commodities such as chemicals, steel and natural resources, and organizing projects such as power plant, renewable energy and infrastructure development.

Samsung C&T’s global trading business includes items in diverse fields, namely chemicals and industrial materials such as fertilizer, mining chemicals, methanol and electronic materials, steel products such as hot rolled steel, plate and automotive steel, living industrial materials such as textile and wood pellet, and natural resources such as coal and copper. Samsung C&T also operates a palm plantation with a high growth potential to serve as the basis for Samsung C&T’s gradual entry into food trading business.

In organizing business, Trading & Investment Group strives to create an impressive success story in thermal power plant project as the company continues to expand the share of power plant business in its portfolio. Furthermore, successful execution of wind and solar power business in Ontario, Canada will solidify its presence in the promising renewable energy sector in the years to come.

With portfolio-driven management under the “select & focus” principle, it aspires to join the ranks of top 10 global traders by scaling up trading business to be on a par with industry leaders.

Fashion Group

The Fashion Group has accumulated success story in fashion industry with brands in men’s clothing and casual clothing such as GALAXY and BEANPOLE.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group has built on its previous experiences to diversify its business portfolio with accessories, children’s and outdoor clothing lines and expand into women’s clothing with brands including KUHO and LeBeige, and fast-fashion (SPA) brand 8seconds. This extensive line of brands has enabled the Fashion Group to successfully cement its leading status in fashion industry in Korea.

The Fashion Group is also devoted to contributing to fashion industry via diverse channels, such as Samsung Fashion Institution that comprises of a group of outstanding experts, and Samsung Design Net (, the largest fashion-related database in Korea. In addition, Samsung Fashion Design Fund (SFDF) affords many opportunities for aspiring young designers to fulfill their dreams.

By accelerating entry into the global fashion market by developing preeminent brand like Juun J, it is making its ascent as a global fashion company that not only leads the Korean fashion industry but also aims to promote the brilliance of Korean fashion in the world.

Resort Group

Since its foundation in 1963 with the mission of land development, the Resort group has expanded its business scope to resort, golf, food and beverage, energy and landscaping and construction. Its history is full of breakthroughs and innovations, such as opening the first family amusement park and being designated as the first Energy Service Company in Korea. The Group is committed to enriching people’s lives through its various service projects that are closely related to living, including Everland resort, golf course, landscaping, food and beverage.

Everland resort and high-end golf course that boast world-class facilities and services offer customers a unique opportunity to relax and spend quality time. They have earned top score in the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index for twenty-one consecutive years. Based on expertise and know-how accumulated for the past, the Resort Group’s value chain extends landscaping projects, creating comfortable and pleasant living spaces.
Samsung Welstory, which has grown to become the largest food service company in Korea since its beginning of food supply service in 1982, has operated as a separate corporation since 2013 and strives to expand its food and beverage business worldwide.

Samsung C&T Resort Group hopes to contribute to enriching people’s lives and become a leading global service provider with its commitment to deliver unique and innovative services to customers.